Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The Mothers of Conjure™
Mama Starr and Old Style Conjure present to you “The Mothers of Conjure Series”. Mama Starr from a young age has made dollies of one kind or another; these unique dollies show her love of doll making. These spirit filled dolls represent an aspect of Conjure. Absolutely no two dollies will be alike they maybe similar but no two will be identical. These dollies are hand sawn by Mama Starr; they are worked from start to finish. These dollies are one of a kind and as you can see they each have their own personality.
Each kit comes with the dollie, herbs and roots in the jar that she is sitting on all you have to do is add your personal items, a glass encased candle, a ½ ounce bottle of Mama Starr’s special red oil, and a one on one teleconference call for instructions on how to work with the dollie purchased. These dolls are all handmade there is no machine sewing done. Every stitch is prayed over for the condition the dollie represents and they will be made in the purchaser’s name. They are personalized dollies. It takes 7 days to make them from the time they are ordered.
The kits INCLUDE the dollie, a deck of cards, a hankie to wrap the cards inthe herbs and roots, a 1/2 bottle of Mama's special red oil, a 7 day candle and a teleconference call so the buyer may get hands on instructions on how to work with the dollie. This is a great buy!!!!!!
Each order is shipped within 21 working days. All dollies are shipped Medium Priority Flat Rate box.